Yarn and other plans

I've been helping my friend with the yarn shopping for her store. That's enough work for today, don't you think.

I really wanted this colour:

Admiral Bambus 9651 75 % Virgin Wool, 25% Other fibres(Bamboo)   silver  in stock!

But she decided otherwise. So now I "only" get these two in my updated "have-to-buy" yarn stash:

Admiral 0383 75% Virgin Wool, 25% Nylon   oliv  in stock!
Admiral 3693 75% Virgin Wool, 25% Nylon   plum  in production!

When I look at them like this, all three would be a lovely combination for a striped shawl or a cardigan or a... ;o)

Today it's friday and I'm soon heading home to do some baking with the oldest daughter. I've missed it a lot. We'll see what happens. She's not in her best mood and I seem to do everything wrong nowadays (that's her opinion not mine- she's seven years old). And perhaps I start to clean the house instead. Or knit. 

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