Instead of doing all this thinking about who I am - I should just do what I love. Yesterday, I fell asleep before 8. No knitting. No pinterest. Nothing. I've to realise that I'm doing stuff. All day long. At work. It's just not involving paint or yarn. It involves text. Letters and numbers. It's the other side of me. I must realize that I get the best of both worlds and I have to stop worrying. The worrying kind - That's me - I know.

Today, it's time to deliver the text me and my colleague have been working on for three months. 90 pages. A lot of fun but right now... Pain. :o) That is why I miss my knitting back home. That is why I fell asleep yesterday.

My husband and me gave the kids a bowl of raisins after dinner, and the two of us sat down by the kitchen table and ate chocolate and played cards! How often does that happen? On a Monday evening?

Life is good!

The worrying kind have to work now! :o)

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